Jade Doig

Student Support Officer and Events Manager

Jade Doig prides herself on being one of the first students to train at MEPA College, making her experience and knowledge one of a kind on supporting students on their journey at MEPA. 

Jade has gained many qualifications as a professional teacher through the IDTA as well as gaining tuition in the USA, Las Vegas, New York and the prime Hollywood Studios of Stella Adler.

Jade worked professionally as a singer, dancer and actress as well as teaching in various locations around the world, which soon led to her founding her own business in helping to grow confidence in young people so they can take the action needed to achieve their goals. Jade believes that the key to succeeding in the industry starts off with your mind to believe in yourself, to build resilience and to have the courage to be brave.

 It is therefore such an honour and privilege to be able to now share her experiences to help you pursue yours. Dream big because everything is possible it just starts with the belief in your self and the courage to take the action needed.