Jennifer Keegan

Graduate 2016

It has been the most amazing, challenging and life changing 3 years of Jen’s life and she is so glad she chose to train at such a small and special college. MEPA has made Jen a confident, versatile performer who can’t wait to start her professional career in the industry. When she first came to college she had never sang or acted and now she feels she can leave as a true triple threat because of the support and training she has received. She feels she hasn’t only developed as a performer but also as a person, learning lessons which she will take with her through all walks of life.

She wants to thank Mandy and all the factually at College for all the amazing opportunities she has been given over the last few years, highlights for her have to be Wonderland, Showcases, MOVE IT, Pizza Express and A Chorus Line to name a few! She thinks that these performance opportunities are so important to help develop and build confidence and she wouldn’t have been able to let go and improve as much as she has without this. Every teacher has contributed to Jen’s journey in many different ways and she wants to thank them all for always believing in her and pushing her to be the best she can be throughout the 3 years. She feels lucky to have developed such great relationships with the teachers and she knows they will be there for her even when she leaves college to take on the industry.