MEPA Mission

At MEPA we take pride in our open and friendly approach to teaching by nurturing a “can do” attitude. We are determined to bring out the best in every students, By understanding that each individual has their own unique way of learning. This enables us to acknowledge and support each students specific needs. Through the implementation of effective teaching methods we can create an environment of trust, confidence and achievement where each and every student can thrive. By receiving our bespoke and trailered training, we aim for our students to gain the skills and knowledge to uphold a long, healthy and successful career in the performing arts.

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Principal's Statement

Firstly I would like to take this time to say thank you for showing your interest in MEPA College. Many years ago it came to my attention that professional training was becoming out of reach for so many talented young artists and I had to take action. I embarked on a journey to provide affordable and exceptional training for the next generation of passionate performers. I believe in unique tailored training to nurture and develop every student that walks through my doors. I will always honour small class sizes to encourage maximum development and insist on offering the highest quality of training. I will ensure every student has the best chances on developing the physical skill set, professional academic knowledge and mental stability to maintain a successful healthy life in the performing arts industry.


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MEPA Values

  • Supporting individual growth to nurture the development of every student
  • Encourage a positive mental attitude Celebrate individuality
  • Thrive for exceptional work ethic
  • Create positive working relationships
  • Provide equal opportunities
  • Encourage versatility
  • Develop respectful and diverse artists

Equal Opportunities

‘ A good basis for training for all out students is possible only if equal opportunities practices are an integral feature of all aspects of life within MEPA College’